Calculate the percentage decrease between two numbers


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Our percent decrease calculator uses this formula:

((y2 - y1) / y1)*100 = your percentage change
(where y1=start value and y2=end value)
The percentage decrease is the amount by which an old value is lower than a new value, expressed as a percentage. It represents the decrease from a previous value to a new value and is calculated by subtracting the new value from the old value, dividing by the absolute old value and multiplying by 100. This percentage change is usually expressed as a negative number, as it indicates a decrease in the value of something.

(V2-V1) / |V1| * 100

Note: the "|" symbol indicates an absolute value, which means that negative values become positive.


1. Calculate the percentage decrease between two numbers

Find the percent decrease from 32 to 26.

We are asked to determine the percentage decrease from 32 to 26. If we look at the values given, we can see a decrease because the new value is lower than the old one.
Now let's add V1 = 32 and V2 = 26 to the formula for percent decrease.

(V2-V1) / |V1| * 100 = (26-32) / 32 * 100 = -18.75 %

The result is an decrease of -18.75 %.

2. Compute a price reduction

In a white goods store, the price of a refrigerator has dropped from 730 to 610 USD. What is the percentage decrease?
Insert the values V1 = 730 and V2 = 610 into the formula.

(V2-V1) / |V1| * 100 = (610-730) / 730 * 100 = -16.44 %

The price of the refrigerator has decreased by 16.44 %.

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