What is 15 percent of a number

What is 15 percent of a number

This tool enables you to calculate 15 percent of a certain value.


What is % of ?

When is it useful to calculate a percentage of a certain number? This is possible, for example, in a vote. People want to know what percentage a certain vote result represents. In a company they want to know how many production errors are made compared to the total production. The percentage can be calculated for this. In a school, the management wants to know what percentage of the pupils has passed an exam. When advertising on the internet, people want to know what percent of the advertisements lead to a real sale.

If you want to calculate P percent of a value Y, you can use this formula:
result = (P/100 * Y)

For example 15 percent of 80: result = (15/100 * 80) = 12